About Us

Greg and Kathy (aka Wellsy) are cycling around Australia. Having both worked in the financial services business for many years we thought there may be another life that we’d like to have a look at. So Greg sold his business, Kathy resigned from her employer and, after a little planning and research, we’re off. Cycling around the circumference of Australia is not unheard of. However what we’re planning to do is cover not just the coast, but also have a look at the substantial inland/outback areas that make up Australia. Unlike more hardened touring cyclists, we have not targeted a distance per day, we’re not committed to being in the saddle every day, we have no intention of attempting to travel on $20 per day, in fact we have very few goals other than to see the country, visit some friends and family, and most importantly just enjoy ourselves.  This is a significant shift in lifestyle and thinking from our previous lives.

Cycle touring is not new to us, as we have been on supported tours in France, USA and Cuba, but unsupported touring is very different and presents new opportunities and challenges.

Our bikes were made by Tim Stredwick at www.Velosmith.com.au and were delivered to us shortly before we set off.  It’s early days yet, but we’re both very pleased with the care and attention Tim has paid to our bikes.

This web site is designed with two objectives in mind;

· As a travel journal and photo album.

· So family and friends can see what and where we’re up to.

Clearly we’re not professional web developers, photographers, or writers, nor do we wish to be so, but if you’d like to make suggestions, see more/less, read more/less, or you’ve been somewhere you’d think we might like to go, then please let us know.

We’re on a steep learning curve and, hopefully, what we do here will help us record and enjoy the ride.