August 2012

August 4 – Rutherglen to Wangaratta 50.74 klms, Avg speed 18.1 kph, Cycling time 2.47 hrs; Total kms 29,708

During our time in Rutherglen we cycled over 450 klms touring the region on some of the most picturesque cycle trails in the country.  So after 6 glorious weeks at our house sit we sadly bade farewell to the beautiful pooch Molly & her globe trotting parents Moira & Robert.  Once again it was through watery eyes we cycled down the road and on towards Wangaratta for a quick coupla’ coffees and lunch at one of our favourite local cafes, Derailleur.  We’ve posted ourselves some parcels to be picked up in Somerset, Tasmania full of clothes we’ll need over the next two months, but our panniers are still full to overflowing with other purchases we made whilst in Rutherglen. Tonight we dine on Spag Bol’ magnificently heated up on our stove outside our motel room at the North Eastern Hotel, Wangaratta and conveniently located just across the road from the train station.  It’ll be an early night as we’re catching the 7.30am train to Melbourne.

August 5 - Wangaratta to Melbourne (cheating, by train).

We’re now heading to Melbourne for a week via puffing billy from Wang then onto our 2nd house sit across Bass Strait to Somerset in Tasmania until mid October.  Our travel log will start again when this has finished, our photos will let you know what we’ve been up to.